Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Three reasons to stop by our OTSN room.

I'm really torn on how to spend my time at OTSN. The good "salesman" would hang around his own room, trying to peddle his wares, but I'm probably going to be the worst salesman ever! I'm more interested in hitting all the other rooms... seeing the new Custer Playset, checking out what Mr. Barzso is offering up this year, seeing what sorts of cool accessories are being offered by Hobby Bunker, Build-A-Rama, and a variety of other places... and the glorious 50 cent buckets.... mounds and mounds of various plastic to be picked through.

But I'm going to try to be good, especially Friday and Saturday evening, and be hanging out in our room. There are three reasons to stop by and see us.

  1. Tell us what you think of the figures, and give your opinion on what you want to see in the future. We really do want to hear your thoughts
  2. Provide us some "face" time with our customers.... because we could use a few good faces. (I'll explain this better in a few days. It's gonna be fun!).
  3. And finally.... be one the first few to buy our new figures!! The factory has told us that we'll have a single case at Chicago!

I'm also going to have candy, just in case you bring your wife or kids, and they're screaming that they want to go get supper, but you're not willing to leave the hotel yet. I've been there...

Unfortunately, the few bags we will have will not be near enough to fill the pre-orders, so this will be a first come, first served type thing. The main shipment will be arriving soon afterwards (by soon, I imagine we'll have them in our hands by late October, early November, ready to ship, but who knows really!!).

I'm excited, I hope you're excited... heck, even my mom's excited, and she can't stand toy soldiers. She saw the BMC dead horse one time, and about broke down in tears. It didn't help that I had the Barzso puddles of blood underneath it at the time. Couldn't really use the whole "it's sleeping" excuse.

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