Friday, September 11, 2009

Set #3... an update

We're closing in on mid September, and the pre-orders seem to be slowing down. Thank you so much to those of you that have submitted a pre-order. We'll contact you just as soon as they are available to ship out. Shortly after that, we'll make them available to select dealers and the general public from this website. Still no word on whether we'll have a few advance sets at OTSN. If we do, they will be in short supply, and will be sold first come, first served. We're talking less than fifty bags...

Anyway, wanted to let you know how the voting for set #3 is going. These numbers will guide us in preparing future sets, though don't lose heart. If it's on the list, I mean to visit it at some point.

  • More Civil War - 34% of votes
  • Revolutionary War - 25%
  • German Fallschirmjager - 20%
  • King Arthur Knights - 9%
  • WWII Marines - 7%
  • Vietnam Marines - 5%
And there you have it. We'll be looking forward to hearing your thoughts at OTSN. Make sure to visit our room and submit a vote.... and while you're there, enter for a chance to become immortalized!!


Anonymous said...

Remember the bias in the poll though. People are only eligible to vote who pre-order. The ones pre-ordering are obviously big Civil War fans because those are the only figures available so they will naturally vote for more Civil War.

Beau said...

Agreed. I'll have an open voting option a bit later on, including and starting at OTSN.