Tuesday, June 30, 2009

Union Infantry Approaching!

The first of the Union figures has been sculpted! The sculptor and I both agree, it's the best one so far! As always, we've gone to great lengths to ensure historical accuracy. Buckles, jacket trim, rifle details, early war cap pouches vs. late war cap pouches... I think we're really going to give our Confederate set a run for their money!

READER PARTICIPATION: Here's a little segment where we let you help us out a bit. Today's topic is figure bases. What do you like to see? Do you like the vaguely rendered base that could be grass, mud, dirt, whatever... or do you like to see things on the base like a rock, or a downed tree limb, a crate, a stump, or even a fence section?? Think about it and let us know. We appreciate your ideas!! Email us at beau@cunnyngham.com

Oh, and have you seen the preview for the new HBO Pacific series yet? Check it out! (May include scenes not appropriate for minors, so check with your parents first if you're one of my younger readers!!).


Anonymous said...

I like the "vaguely rendered base".
I think it lends better if you have multiple poses.

martin said...

I agree . I like to scenify my bases to meet my own needs , and often i think it takes the eye away from the figure when the bases are too fussy. Martin

Anonymous said...

Just make sure the figure stands up.

Wayne, the Old All American said...

I've always felt a figure with his foot propped on a rock or stump limits his usefulness. Much prefer a vaguely rendered base. But it's not a dealbreaker with me. Wayne from Alabama, the Old All American

Anonymous said...

just like everyone else, I like the vaguely rendered base because it doesn't limit what the figure could be doing.

Beau said...

From the poll on the news page, and the comments here, it looks like we'll continue to go with the "vague" but textured base. It's my preference as well.

And don't worry about figure balance. Nothing bothers me more than figures that fall over when I gently bump the table or shelf. You can count on them being able to stand up.