Monday, June 29, 2009

Set #1 Prototypes Approved

We approved the prototypes today, and I think you'd agree, the changes, though small, will make a big difference.

The initial mistakes were mine, and caused by the fact that I was simply too excited to get them done and to the factory, and I didn't take time to fully look them over and properly "design" the figures. Rookie mistake, and I'll forgive myself because I'm a rookie.

For example, there was one figure with no cartridge box or cap pouch. Kind of important if you're needing to fire a rifle. One could argue that you could carry both rounds and percussion caps in your pockets, but doubtful. Anyway, that has been fixed. Another slight problem was an arm placement. It has been slightly adjusted so that it gives the figure proper balance, and correctly shows how a person would naturally hold and fire a rifle.

Other than that, just a few small cosmetic changes were done, nothing that anyone except for me and the factory would notice.

The molding process officially starts tomorrow.

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