Monday, September 29, 2014

OTSN 2014

WARNING: I didn't take a single picture the entire time.  I kept telling myself, "get out the camera, snap a few", and then I'd see something cool, and go flittering off to look at it, completely forgetting about taking a picture.  If I had to guess, there will be others who took pictures, and doing a much better job at it that I ever could.

OTSN 2014

Wow, there was soooo much good this year.  These are the things that really stood out to me:

*The new Barzso Roman Coliseum:  So much cool here.  This is Ben Hur on steroids.  I love the  gladiator and spectator figures, and the sculpting of the coliseum pieces is amazing.  Jim, the sculptor, told me a little about the math that had to go into making sure they lined up perfectly.  Very impressive piece, and would look go in any collection, if you have the room.

*TSSD's new WWII Germans:  There are only four poses, but they are TSSD, so you know they are excellent.  They fit perfectly with their other German poses.

*Austin Miniatures American Marines:  Dude, these are awesome.  They will fit right in with both Conte and TSSD figures.  These are cream of the crop type figues, and I can't recommend them enough.  Also, this is a newish company, so please be sure to give them your support.  Really cool people.

*Marxman's Vietnam figures (plus other eras):  I was especially excited to see these up close.  I assumed all he had were Vietnam figures, but actually the medieval figures were what blew me away.  He said he's still trying to get production perfected (all made in the USA), but I have high hopes for these.  Also on display were new WWII Germans.

*Paragon's new Alamo figures and scenics:  Always amazed at what Paragon is able to put out every year.  Besides having a new set of Alamo figures, he also offers amazing detailed and painted scenic pieces.  The western landscapes and the forts are to die for.

*OWN figures:  I saw these in Steve Weston's room.  There are a variety of different sets, all having to do with Chinese history.  You would swear these were made by the top toy soldier companies in the land, based on sculpting.  Amazingly detailed and beautiful colors, these would be excellent additions to any collection.

I saw a ton of cool things (dollar bins!!), and very glad I made the trip up this year.  Saw a lot of friends, and hopefully made a few new ones.  My two regrets from the trip: Accidentally breaking that Barzso figure before I got home, and not saving enough cash for the toll roads.

Oh, one more thing.  We stayed at the Embassy Suites, a bit north of the Hyatt.  Very nice place to stay.  Great breakfast and only a couple minute drive from the show.

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pylgrym said...

I guess you DID buy stuff, Beau? I had high hopes of making i=t up but was tied to two others who had to back out, leaving me with NSF! So, saving for a solo jaunt this year! Hope to meet you at last!