Sunday, February 23, 2014

WWII Marine Update, 2014

We are VERY close to having this Marine ready to go to casting.  I know, I know, it's taken awhile.  But I think you'll be extremely pleased with the results.  All that's left for this guy is the rifle and some pouches.  Here's a rundown from where he started, to where he is currently in the sculpting phase.

Original Description Sheet
 I wanted to make sure the sculptor and I were on the same page, and sure enough, after comparing our initial thoughts, we were right there together.  Some of the key words we tossed back and forth were "tattered", "veteran", "light", "basics", "realism".

Basic Armature
All great works have to start somewhere.  We sent the sculptor a few samples of our figures and some competitors figures.  We want them to be as close of a size match as possible.  Size is the hardest thing to get accomplished really.  You never really know how it will stack up until you have it in your hands and compare it to other figures.

Starting to add the first bit of clothing, and round out the stance of the figure.

Added more clothing to the top, and it was right after I posted these pictures, that a forum member at Hobby Bunker mentioned about the cargo pockets on the pants not being correct, so......

...we removed them!  It's nice to have an active online community to steer us straight when we we've overlooked something.  I've never confessed to being a uniform expert.  I just like Toy Soldiers!!!

Almost done now, only need the fighting gear!  I believe the sculptor is going ahead and casting the rifle so that he won't have to do it again on the next figure..... if there's a next figure..... which depends on YOU purchasing one of these guys!

 And that's that.  The sculptor is super busy working on a few other projects (much more lucrative than mine probably), so he comes back to this guy when he gets a chance.  In fact, you should check out a Kickstarter that he has recently contributed sculpt to, Pulp City.

Once done, we'll have him molded and cast in white metal.  After that we'll bag him using our own homemade header cards, and put him up for sale on this website.  We PROBABLY won't be producing enough to supply dealers, unless there is a larger demand than I anticipate.  Hopefully we'll sell enough to justify another figure, but that's up to ya'll.

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