Monday, November 11, 2013

Comment from VictoryBuy on Timmee Trucks

In case you missed it, VictoryBuy commented on the previous post about Timmee recasts the following:

The Deuce-and-a-Half Cargo Truck is our most requested item. Unfortunately the tooling for both the Deuce and the Square-nose trucks aren't available to us. We're looking into ways to recreate the molds for the Deuce, and may run a Kickstarter in 2014 to help get the project off the ground.

Good to know, and will keep an eye out for that Kickstarter.  Thanks!


Anonymous said...

Where is the tooling?Kuvaszsleepybear

Anonymous said...

I read on another site that tooling for the Duece is in Venezuela,That country's economy is so in the crapper someone should be able to get it out of there for a good price,LOL,Kuvaszsleepybear.