Tuesday, September 24, 2013

WWII Marine Still in works

Hey all!

First time in several years I couldn't make it to the Chicago show.  Hated to miss it, but that's how it goes sometimes.  Looking forward to reading various reports as they pop up online.

Wanted to pass along a quick update for our WWII Marine.  We've removed the pockets to make it more accurate, and you can see the sculptor is beginning to work on some finer details such as face and gear.

A quick Recap since not everyone may not be caught up with our current project.

1. This figure will be cast in metal just like the Union figure we did a couple years ago.  Not in plastic.

2.  We are looking for ways to get these painted, but will also offer them unpainted.

3. These will be sold exclusively through us.  Right now I do not think we will make enough to supply dealers.

4.  Follow up figures for this particular range will depend entirely upon collector interest.

5. I have no set release date.  Sculpting still needs to be completed, then molding, then casting, then packaging (still haven't decided whether to do fancy packaging, or just keep it very basic.


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