Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Past the $2,000 Mark, the list grows!

The "army" of kickstarter supporters continues to grow!  We've passed the $2,000 mark..  By pledging ANYTHING to the campaign, you get recognized on our website.  The list will start here, but I will move it onto a more permanent part of my website if the campaign is a success.  Please let me know if you prefer your name listed differently (or not listed at all).  So here are the brave troopers we have so far:

CAPTAINS - (only 8 spots left!)

Jim Wassam
Rita Cunnyngham (Thanks Mom!!)
Jesse Woods
Carlos Fernando Penatti Marques
Donald Saxman
The Toy Soldier Company
Jay Fife


Mike Kutnick
Waynolin Wood
Clark Haberman
Rob Kilpatrick
William Hupp


Scott Lesch
Thomas Vincent
Steve Clarkson
Scott Lawalin
Jeremy Martin
Dave Slavin
Ron Sullivan


Gary Binder
Ed Grande
George H. Charlton Jr.
Alex Draper
Kim Gelke

Private - 

Lou Willman

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