Thursday, May 9, 2013

Currently at 25% Funding!

We're at 25%!  Thanks!

I did some corresponding with my Factory representative yesterday, and everything is still right on track.  They are just waiting for us to tell them to "Go!".  I've also put in a request for an updated Work in Progress shot of our WWII Marine prototype.

Wanted to updated the list of people that are putting it on the line to make this possible.  Several have gone above and beyond in getting the word out to others that may be interested, and I can't thank you enough!!  To reach our goal, we're going to have dig deep, kick over every rock, and track down every interested toy soldier guy out there.

CAPTAINS - (Limited Spaces, Only 4 Spots Left!)

Jim Wassam
Rita Cunnyngham (Thanks Mom!!)
Jesse Woods
Carlos Fernando Penatti Marques
Donald Saxman
The Toy Soldier Company
Jay Fife

Brian McIver
Nick Versteeg
Gregory Baumbach
Joseph Cairo


Mike Kutnick
Waynolin Wood
Clark Haberman
Rob Kilpatrick
William Hupp

Steve Carroll


Scott Lesch
Thomas Vincent
Steve Clarkson
Scott Lawalin
Jeremy Martin
Dave Slavin
Ron Sullivan

William Lenart
Andrew Maxwell


Gary Binder
Ed Grande
George H. Charlton Jr.
Alex Draper
Kim Gelke

Richard Stuhrke


Lou Willman

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