Tuesday, May 14, 2013

50 Backers Reached!

Still gaining names for our roster of supporters!  I'm sorry to say that we have no more Captain slots available.  Thanks to you folks that grabbed those up.  While it's possible to create more test shots than just 16, I wanted it to be a limited item to increase the "coolness" of having one, so before the questions come in, no, we will not allow anymore backers at that particular level.

CAPTAINS - (All Spaces Taken!)

Jim Wassam
Rita Cunnyngham (Thanks Mom!!)
Jesse Woods
Carlos Fernando Penatti Marques
Donald Saxman
The Toy Soldier Company
Jay Fife

Brian McIver
Nick Versteeg
Gregory Baumbach
Joseph Cairo
Steven Roy
Edmund Hon
Paul Schwartz
Jim Carey


Mike Kutnick
Waynolin Wood
Clark Haberman
Rob Kilpatrick

William Hupp

Steve Carroll


Scott Lesch
Thomas Vincent
Steve Clarkson
Scott Lawalin
Jeremy Martin
Dave Slavin
Ron Sullivan

William Lenart
Andrew Maxwell
Mike Schredl
David Howard
Craig Scibner
Edward Borris


Gary Binder
Ed Grande
George H. Charlton Jr.
Alex Draper
Kim Gelke

Richard Stuhrke
John Arnold
George Gaspar
Arthur Belshaw
Brian Wilk
Thomas Loftus


Lou Willman

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