Friday, January 11, 2013

Another Addition to the Collection

I've been scouring Ebay for the past few days, looking for some good buys.  Was finally able to pick up a set of the Airfix SAS figures. 

Black plastic figures aren't extremely photogenic, but if you haven't seen these up close and personal, the details are great with excellent sculpting.  The poses are a bit flat, but pretty standard for Airfix, especially these later sets.  This particular box did have the full compliment of 14 figures, with one of the "commander" poses and three of the kneeling poses.

I've really been enjoying getting all of the "modern" figure sets that came out from Airfix and ESCI in the 80's.  Kind of a forgotten era of toy soldiers.


Anonymous said...

Nice figures but I also heard these will be re-issued this year by Airfix.

Anonymous said...

Years ago I got the SAS Airfix figures and the Airfix Gurkas and Modern Germany Army at a close out sale in a toy/Hobby store for 6$ a box. Great find. I do like the SAS figures and you are right. They do look better in "person" than in photographs. A nice mix of poses and modern weapons.