Monday, November 19, 2012

The Collecting Sickness Continues


It's not like this set is extremely rare or anything, I've just had horrible luck finding it anywhere.  ESCI made some really neat modern military sets back in the 80's (I assume), and while on the smallish side, are really cool, if for no other reason than they have awesome weaponry on them.  Anyway, I've never had any luck getting these before.  You almost NEVER see these at shows.  I did find this exact box at a flea market one time, but it didn't have the right figures inside of it.  I finally bit the bullet and went to ebay, and even there, I was continually outbid at the last moment.  WELL NOT THIS TIME!!  My apologies to whoever I outbid at the last minute.  But dang it, I wasn't going to be foiled again.

Rock on!

Oh, hey, Christmas is coming right up.  I need to get my list started soon!

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Anonymous said...

Yeah I wish more Companies would get into more 54MM "Modern Day" figs,Revell has some really neat sets but they are all 1/72 and for some reason they won't upscale.Can only have so many AWI or US Civil War figs even the WW2 figs represent actions of over 60 years ago and a lot has happened in Military actions since then.Would really like some company to do a re-pro on the Britains Super Deetail "Rare" British Paras.B