Saturday, September 29, 2012

Thomas Approves

I focused on a lot of American Rev War stuff at OTSN this year, including the Barzso playset.  Thomas approves of this setup. 

I got a lot of redcoat figures, including A Call to Arms, Accurate, the new Barzso figures, and even threw in some Timpo and Airfix Napoleonic War figures that were cast in red.  Makes for a pretty good collections of British Infantry.  The Colonials are still limited to just the Accurate, a handful of Marx, and the new Barzso, which are SUPERB figures.  Fun times!!


The Collector said...

Call to Arms has Colonials too

The Collector said...

Also do not forget the MARX Boonesboro guys and Ron's American Set which were part of his Treasure Island set and are available by the bag.

tom said...

Nice setup.