Monday, September 24, 2012

OTSN Report, Pt. 3

PLASTIC PLASTIC PLASTIC!!!! Ah, the love of my life (second of course to my lovely wife who puts up with my craziness).  Dude, there was a LOT of plastic there.  I found some AWESOME deals, and some great dealers who were happy to talk about their collections, the hobby in general, and enlighten me on the finer points of toy soldier history, which I'm always dying to hear.  And no Toy Soldier show is complete without buckets.  You know em'.  $1 a piece, or they'll make you a deal for a pile.

Plastic is what makes the world go round.

And I have to give thanks to the many special dealers who helped me spend my money:

Steve Weston specially brought some hard to find Airfix with him that I needed to round off my collection.

Rich Egan spent time digging though his bags of Conte G.I.s, trying to read those minuscule numbers on the bottom looking for the exact poses I needed.

Father and Son toys had a ton of stuff I didn't even know I needed till I walked into their room.  Lots of great recast figures.

The Marx-Man had everything I needed as well, including lots of extra red British to fill out my new Barzso playset.

The Hobby Bunker, one of the best in the business, always has odds and ends I need to complete various sets, and lots of foam.  Love the foam.

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