Monday, September 24, 2012

OTSN Report, Pt. 1

Wow, where do I begin?  When I first walked in, as always, I was like this...

Average disposition of collector first arriving to OTSN
But then, I settled down, and made my way to my regular haunts.  My first stop, as is customary, is to see the the epic Barzso display in the fifth floor lobby.  As soon as you hit the fifth floor, your blood gets pumping, you smell the plastic, and you're off like a rocket.

2012 OTSN Barzso Display
After gazing at the Barzso display, I paid a visit to my friend Nick at TSSD.  His Locomotive scene, with the graveyard and western buildings and lines of Cavalry really made me want to jump right in and start making gun shot sounds, knocking riders from their horses.  And of course the power of Rome was also on display with their new Hadrian's Wall fortress.  Painted Romans lined the walls, and bags of the new add-on set of Romans and Barbarians were available to purchase.

TSSD Display, 2012 OTSN

Upcoming Civil War plastics from "Expeditionary Forces"
 I was excited to see the above figures, new prototypes from Expeditionary Forces.  These Civil War figures will be a nice addition, especially to those of you who collect the Accurate and Marx civil war figures.  I threw one of my figures in there (painted on the right) for size comparison, and as you can see, just a touch bigger.  BUT, these are just prototypes, and size is never set in stone until the final production run.

Sorry for posting those horrible pictures before.  I was on my phone, and they didn't upload very well.  These should work better.  The following are some pictures from Figarti and Hudson and Allen.  Both companies make some jaw-dropping scenes.  The Vietnam choppers had electronically rotating blades, and made for a stunning display.

Figarti Vietnam Display

More to come in future posts.  I've got a LOT of pictures this year.

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