Monday, August 6, 2012

Gen-Con coming Next Week

Part of my 40k army.  40k is just one of the many miniature games featured at GenCon
Gen-Con in Indianapolis is coming right up, starting August 16th and going through the 19th.  I plan to be there all four days, and have a grand ole' time.  I've got a special treat in that my nephew (12 years old) is coming with me for the first time this year.  He's big into games as well.

For those of you who may not know, Gen-Con is a 4 day convention that focuses on all sorts of games.  Card games, Board games, Pen and Paper RPG games (dungeons and dragons), and it even has a bit of LARPing (live action role playing).

The convention is HUGE, and has all sorts of military themed games that would probably appeal to a great many people who might are into toy soldiers as well.  Miniatures are big deal there as well, mostly covering fantasy and sci-fi, but also quite a few military miniatures show up as well.  Lots of painting demonstrations and what-not too.

And the costumes, don't forget the costumes (link goes to my posting on Gen-Con costumes from 2011).  I'll have my camera extra ready this year.  Seems the costume posting from last year was one of my most visited posts.  Soooo... I'll have my camera extra ready this year.


Anonymous said...

A little off topic but maybe you can answer this. I was in Barnes and Noble book store and they have a shelf with Dungeon and Dragon games. Expensive about $60.00. Anyway they had very nicely sculpted plastic fantasy figure game pieces. Any idea what scale these are? The box did not indicate the size of the figures.

Beau said...

Sorry for the delay Tom. Yes, those are the normal fantasy mini size.... 28 mm I think. I may be wrong on that. Much smaller than 1/32, but bigger than your 1/72 HO figures.