Sunday, June 10, 2012


Made in Italy, Modern NATO by ESCI
I've always been a fan of the "modern" troops produced by both ESCI and Airfix.  Though a touch on the smaller side, at 1/35, they are a nicely sculpted and have a lot of detail, especially for being rather flat.  The set above was done in two colors that I know of, the flat green and the dark, shiny green.  I much prefer the flat green, as the shiny color tends to hide a lot of the detail on the figures.

I picked up a full set at an antique store recently for pretty cheap.  These were probably released in the 80's (somebody correct me if I'm wrong), so you can still find these floating around fairly easily.  I remember seeing a lot of ESCI/ERTL figures at my local general store when I was a kid, mostly the 1/72 figures though.

We're going out antiquing again today, so hopefully I'll find another little "treasure".


Anonymous said...

I have these and I agree they are nicely done except for lack of action poses. It's too bad they are so small. The ESCI WW2 figures and Soviet Spasnaz-(Spelling??)are larger and blend in with Airfix. Frustrating because the post war period is interesting and under-represented. I would like to see Britains re-release their modern paratroops (beret headed guys).

WIM GRUNDY! said...

I agree about the smallitude. and no attitude. there are some Russia-made police commando types in plastic that are pretty cool:
maybe ats still has them?