Sunday, August 7, 2011

GenCon 2011 - Exhibition Hall

I was able to attend GenCon in Indianapolis this year for the first three days of the convention.  GenCon is all about games of any type.  RPG's, Miniatures, Card Games, Wargaming, and traditional casual games.  Here's a bit of what I saw that was for sale.  Next posting will be of some of the actual gaming I saw going on.  You can click on the pictures for full size.
A really cool looking Miniatures game from Zvezda

Need some dice?

All the buildings were made of resin.  All smaller than 1/32

More scenery

A blown up town, made of resin

Resin Scenic pieces, smaller than 1/32

Settlers of Catan.  Never played it, but it's supposed to be awesome.

Discount Warhammer miniatures.

made of heavy paper.

DUST Tactics wargame from Fantasy Flight

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