Friday, June 10, 2011

Working with Factory

We've been in close contact with the "factory" making sure we get the best product possible.  This figure is more complicated than the first, so there will be a few special requirements to get a good casting.  We like "complicated" figures around here.  I'm pretty excited about this one and can't wait to get it on my table with the rest of my Civil War setup.

We still have 3.5 figures left from our "lost" Union plastic set that could at some point find their way into a metal cast.  (The half figure refers to one that suffered a bit of breakage.  I'm not sure what it would require to get that fixed before it was cast, and dang it, it was a cool figure.) 

We're also in the beginning stages of getting started in a new era.  It would probably be a fairly quick foray into those pages of history, but it would be fun.  I'll let you know as things pan out. 

I'll be gone all this weekend, so any orders submitted today and over the weekend will probably not ship out till Monday, maybe Tuesday.

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