Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Price of Doing Business

Graph showing my blood press... I mean, the price of Tin.

The above image is from  It shows the price of Tin over the past year.  "Why is this at all interesting?" you may ask... well, the metal figures that I make, and the metal figures made by most other companies, are made up primarily of Tin.  In our figures in particular, the mix is 96% tin, with the rest being zinc and antimony (Lead free of course!).

You can see from the above graph that the price of Tin has almost doubled in the past year, from around the $8 mark to reaching $15 per pound.  Ouch!!

It's this dragging economy, which hasn't spared many of us these days.  Commodities are on the rise, and until this economy gets turned around, that will probably continue.  Most of the news reports I've been reading on Tin and related metals isn't very comforting, showing that supply isn't keeping up with the demand, driving the prices ever higher.  Moving from plastic to metal is like jumping out of the fire and into the frying pan.

Don't panic, I'm not raising prices or anything, but it just shows you how our little tiny corner of the world is affected by the bigger problems of international supply and demand. 

In other news, I'm looking at an awesome sketch that will make an amazing sculpt (especially for you WWII collectors).  No promises though, we're still making final decisions on what will come after our next Civil War figure.

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