Wednesday, April 20, 2011

From the Inbox

Thanks for all the emails about our first metal figure.  I enjoy hearing what you think about it.  I have a few painted examples to share as well, and will get them posted soon.  If you have any painted yet, please feel free to send me some pictures to post here.  Below are some snippets from some emails that we've gotten over the past couple weeks.

Got the figure today. Looks cool. Nice detail. Unique pose. He's my first Union figure in my collection. Look forward to the next figure.

I am happy with the figure and hope that you will release more of the Union sculpts.
I bought three of your outstanding metal ACW soldiers and you included three sets of your equally wonderful  #1 plastic Confederates.  I want to see more ACW figures from Cunnyngham Collectibles !

The positioning of this one is great. His stance makes him seem so lifelike
Figures have arrived and are beautiful. Congratulations on a great product. I think the sculpting is great, the details very fine.  "Seeing the Elephant" is outstanding!  The figure is so well proportioned, I hope you can continue the series.
The new union metal figure looks great. I was super-impressed with the 1861 Springfield rifle, that is one of the most detailed and realistic looking guns on the market!!!!! The gun doesn't look bulky like other manufacturer's, it dimensions look correct, the front and rear sights are the candles on the cake, really makes it pop!!!
Rock on guys!  We'll be getting you more poses just as quick as we can.


Wayne W said...

Beau. I got my two figures in just a day or two after I ordered them! Great job and fast shipping! I had several sets of your rebs so I decided I'd give one of the free bags to my grandson to go with his Marx Blue and Gray set I put together for him for Christmas.

We had to figure out what to get his twin sister though. It worked out when my wife and I went to Auburn's "A-game" scrimmage Friday. My grand daughter is an Auburn fan while her brother is full Bama. So we bought the Princess an Auburn T-shirt.

When we gave my granddaughter her t-shirt, you should have seen her brother's face as I reached in the bag and asked him if he wanted one. Of course he said, "No." You should have seen the look on his face when I said, "Well I guess you'll have to settle for these then" and tossed him the bag of Rebs. I think it was more fun than when I got my first look at your guys. That was Sunday, I imagine by now your rebs are battle hardened vets!

I thought you'd get a kick out of that. (oh yes, I did keep that other bag for myself, my guys need some reinforcement themselves...)

Wayne W said...

Oh yes, I almost forgot. My wife was quite impressed with the Yank! She wants it painted so...

pylgrym said...

Just ordered my first ever anything online with PAYPAL, other than a few credit card buys on Ebay. Looking forward to painting up a set of these Rebs in different styles, including the old Marx "Warriors of the World" gloss enamels!
All the best,
paul 'pylgrym' Gruendler