Monday, February 7, 2011

Paragon Dismounted Cavalry Set #2

Paragon's New Dismounted Cavalry, Set #2

I just got some of these, and I am over the moon about them.  They fit perfectly with all the previous Custer products made by TSSD and previous Paragon releases.  But one thing that really makes them special is the bang for your buck!  I'm the type of guy that gets a bag, pulls out each unique pose, does the customary straightening of the warped parts, and then throws all the duplicate poses in into a storage bin with the thousands of other duplicates that I have no need of.  But dude, Paragon must have read my mind!

1. No straightening needed.  These guys come in a box, and besides that, they are all laid flat on an interior packaging surface that keeps them from warping.  In the box I opened, NONE of them needed fixing.  ROCK ON!

2.  Paragon used the KISS method (Keep It Simple Stupid) for allowing quick conversions.  One guy has a choice of a flag or a pistol, and another does a quick head change to have either a kepi or a slouch hat.  But besides that, these guys are all screaming to be converted.  I did a quick cut with a dull rusty exacto, applied a bit of glue, and BAM, had an entirely new figure in less than 1 minute.  And believe me, I am not a conversion guy.  So, in a box of 2 figures, you've got very little duplication in poses.

Great Job Paragon, can't wait to see what's next!


Anonymous said...

I bought both these paragon sets. I like them and the idea of the oversized slouch/cowboy hats but the heads beneath them are too much on the small size. I hope this is corrected in future sets. I noticed that the kepi hat guys heads look okay in size. In the meantime I'm going to attempt to cut off the slouch hat, discard the head, take a Marx head and reaply the Paragon hat.

Wayne W said...

I love Paragon's figures, I'm hoping to paint all my TSSD and Paragon cavalry in the next few months or so and combine them into one outfit (didn't get matching colors), don't mind the heads so much, though I think that will be improved on with each release.

Wayne W said...

Looking at the figures again, wondering if it isn't that the heads are so small (not saying they're not) but the large hats make them look smaller than they actually are. The kepi'd heads don't look smaller than the felt hat guys' when you look at the heads and the faces; it seems to be the hats that make the difference.

Anonymous said...

If you hold a Marx cowboy or Cavalry head next to the Paragon the Marx is head is fuller and better proportioned. All the Paragon have long thin faces. That said, I do like them. The poses are great and the mix of Holywood and historical cavalry uniforms is cool. If they didn't have the head problem they would rank among Conte WW2 G.I's as best figures done in plastic.