Saturday, February 19, 2011

Game Night

Last night I got together with some friends and we played a new favorite of ours, Descent: Journeys in the Dark.  It's your basic dungeon crawl, and like your classic Dungeons and Dragons adventure, there are four players trying to get through the dungeon maze, and one player who plays the part of the Dungeon Master, who controls all the monsters and traps and throws things at you like falling boulders, pit-traps, and other fun stuff.

Because of the incredible amount of options and personal choices that go into each game, every play-through is exciting and different. 

And the other big plus are the miniatures that are included in the game.  It has a ton of really cool resin figures including a variety of "heroes" and a bunch of monsters of varying sorts.  If someone took the time to paint them, they'd have a great looking collection.  Below are just a handful of the figures included.


Anonymous said...

Are the figures 54mm or 1/32?

Beau said...

No, they are not, which I should have mentioned to begin with. They are the same size as most fantasy gaming miniatures, maybe a little smaller. I don't even know what scale that is. 28mm maybe?