Thursday, February 3, 2011

Farmer Brown "INVADED"

These snow days are turning out to be pretty fun! 

Oh, and that new thing... yeah, it's happening.  Finalized the plans yesterday, and we should have samples fairly soon.  But until then, no details.  Sorry.


J. M. Steplyk said...

Maybe Farmer Brown is being liberated, looks like the farm has been occupied by the Afrika Korps!
(not shown: British landing at Old MacDonald's)
Thomas Wayne must be growing fast!

"New thing...samples..." Sounds exciting!

Beau said...

He's growing like crazy! it's a lot of fun, and will be even more so when he learns to play with the soldiers and not just chew on them.

and yes, i'm pretty excited. all sorts of possibilities simmering near the top right now.