Thursday, February 10, 2011

Ebay Score!

Been looking for some of these Modern Airfix troops for awhile, and got this lot for $8.  Not bad, plus it's from an Indiana seller.  Nice.  Too bad I missed out on the 1/32 Airfix Italians he was also selling.  Not sure how much they ended up going for, but my top bid was quickly beaten.  Congrats to whoever got them.


Anonymous said...

I would also like to get these British Cold War figures and the German Cold war ones also. Too bad Airfix didn't do the French, they were the most active post war of all the allies with 2 major wars in Indochina and Algeria.
The Airfix Italians are also on my list. Reading on the various blogs many experts think this mold was lost. Too bad they look like they would go perfect with 21st Century Italians.

Beau said...

Yes, I'm also assuming that the Italians were lost... though with all these Airfix reissues, maybe we'll be surprised!

I find the Airfix and ESCI "modern" figures quite interesting. These were really the tail end of the plastic toy soldiers, and from all accounts I've heard, they bombed pretty badly. But here were two companies, both doing "modern" figures, so they had to have some indication that there was a demand for them.

Wayne W said...

The whole plastic toy soldier industry collapsed at that time, there was some blowback from Vietnam that killed the "old" giants like Marx, then in the 80s "Action Figures" like Star Wars and GI Joes knocked Airfix and ESCI out of the water, if I remember correctly. Even though we are in the second "Golden Age" of toys soldiers I still don't think they'll ever be as popular among little boys as they were in the 50s and 60s.

Anonymous said...

dont count out toy soldiers just yet :) I sell quite a bit of them to 'kids' in grade school and older, only catch is to get them interested in a wargaming or history perspective once they discover 'girls'!

Wayne W said...

That's good news.