Friday, January 21, 2011

Red Dead Redemption Review

This is a video game review, and while I know a good majority of you probably are not into the whole video game scene, this particular title was excellent, and probably lies along a similiar enough vein of interest.

I've been playing "Red Dead Redemption" since Christmas, and finally finished up the main storyline a few days ago. Don't worry, I won't give anything away. But I do give this epic masterpiece my full recommendation. It was created by the same company that brought us Grand Theft Auto, and while it retains most of the same mechanics, it leaves behind the wanton spirit and offers us a decidedly human story. I've never gotten as wrapped up in a video game story as I did during my ride through Red Dead Redemption. Through horse races, gun fights, and rain soaked cattle drives, you never lose sight of the motives and desires that drive the main character.

Story aside, this game really delivers an immersive setting. The old west towns with smoky card games, the backwater hideouts with crazy old hermits, and the jaunt through Old Mexico make this reminiscent of classic films such as The Wild Bunch and High Plains Drifter. And the ever encroaching new technology of automobiles and automatic weapons make you feel like your living on the last edge of the frontier.

I don't recommend this for children, or for those with a weak stomach, but for anyone wanting to experience a powerful story set in the American Old West, this will be right up your ally, even if you're not a regular in the world of video games. Seriously, this is one that's more about the fiction than about the button pushing.

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