Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Questions / Slight Shipping Delay

A reader wrote: When will you be announcing the New set? Or the historical period?

Not for some time. Why? Because nothing is set in stone. I feel awful for advertising a new set of Union Infantry, and then pulling the rug out from under ya'll. From now on I'll probably keep things well under wraps until the project is a sure thing. I may change my mind as things progress, but for now, we'll keep a low profile.

And all who placed an order yesterday, shipping may have to wait till tomorrow when the roads clear up a bit. It's been pouring snow all day so far, and the roads are a mess.

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Anonymous said...

Hoping you can make these in injected molded plastic. Did you read Nick of TSSD posts on the "Hobby Bunker" forum and the "Rapid Prototyping" method of sculpting. Looks like a step can be saved in the manufacturing process? Still think Dark Ages/Medieval figures that could double as fantasy figures would sell!