Tuesday, September 21, 2010

OTSN 2010 update

The largest Toy Soldier show in the world is just a few days away (some of you may already be there!!). I just got back from a family vacation at Disney World where, and surprise-surprise, they didn't have free wi-fi in the hotel rooms. So my "magical" days were without the magic of Internet. So, I owe several people some emails, which I will promptly get to right after I get done with this posting.

We do have a room number for this year's OTSN, and it sounds like we are pretty much going to be where we were last year, very close to the Hobby Bunker. Please feel free to visit us in Room 4425. This year I'll be sharing a room with David from Traverse Dioramics. He'll be there for the first few days, and I'll be arriving Saturday afternoon.

There is a ton of new stuff out there, and I can't wait to get there and see it all. Rock on!

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pylgrym said...

Hope to finally meet you, beau, and to sample your wares for an upcoming Sesquicentennial project I have had in mind for some time...
paul Gruendler