Monday, July 26, 2010

Late July Update / Upcoming Special

The prototypes for our Union Infantry have been approved! After looking over cartridge boxes, cap pouches, rifles, hand placement, haversacks, hats, and a variety of other tedious details, we've finally hit the winning combination. Of course, we'll have to take a look at them again once the mold test-shots are created... a never ending chore until they are finally in the bags and ready to ship.

I've gotten several encouraging phone calls over the past few days... It's great to hear how much people are enjoying our figures. I think more than that, people are appreciating the fact that this hobby is still churning out new stuff. All over the hobby you're seeing new stuff from a variety of different makers. So much new stuff, that most collectors can't manage to get it all. And we know the times are tough these days. That's why we're going to try to help you out a bit....

Keep an eye on this site for an upcoming special deal.

Rock on.

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