Thursday, June 24, 2010

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From the Comments section:

Anonymous said...
I'm glad it is not civil war.I buy them any way because the sculpting is so good.

Thanks! Hope you like what's coming! It will be done with the same quality of sculpting, if not improved simply because of our growing familiarity with the whole process.

Anonymous said...
hey Beau, I wish it were more civil war!!! With the 150th anniversary of the start of the war between the states next year. I kind of hoped we might get some personality figures (Wishful thinking from me) what ever you do I will buy some. Cheers, Bri.

Hey Brian! Yes, the 150th is coming up, and I've been in discussions to make sure that we are in a position to do the American Civil War real justice during that 4 year span. Haven't landed on a particular topic of the war that we want to focus on, but there are some good candidates brewing in my head.

And in regards to Personality figures, or Character figures, we've talked to China about that very option, and it sounds like it will be no problem. Of course anytime you have a character figure that probably won't be sold in bulk like the bagged figures, the prices go up. As you may know, TSSD's Custer and Crazy Horse character figures retail for $9 each. That's probably about what we'd have to list them at as well, if not a bit higher.... $10 for an unpainted plastic figure.... and you thought metal was expensive!! Anything done in small quantities will cost substatially more. Including them in playsets is the most logical way to do it since the cost of the figure is simply lumped in with the other bags of figures and terrain.

In other news, keep your eye on the site. We'll be announcing a special "event" coming up soon... probably this Sunday.

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