Friday, July 9, 2010

Early July Update

Quick updates... We're signed up for OTSN... might be sharing a room with another dealer. I'll let you know more as I know more. I just got the latest prototypes in the mail today from China. We'll go over them with a fine tooth comb and look for any changes that may need to be made. At first glance, I'm really liking how they are turning out.

From the Comments section:

john and Margaret Di Simone said...

hi beau, some of the details seemed a little faint in comparison with tssd or conte . is this the fault of the plastic company?

Hey John! I'm wondering if you mean the first set of Confederates or the prototypes of the Union that have been shown. Either way, I can speak to this. It has very little to do with the plastic company, because as some may know, we use the same factory as TSSD. We are able to color match for that reason. As to the detail, it's all a matter of how the sculptor works. I was very pleased with how our Confederates turned out. We wanted a group of six mean looking Confederate veterans, and I think we achieved that... When we began, I described my vision to the sculptor as a type of gritty realism. I wanted to convey the dreary existence of the typical Civil War soldier. I think the way the equipment hangs off the soldiers, their poses, their expressions all work the convey the message.

If you mean the upcoming Union Poses, don't worry. I haven't taken a real good photo of them yet to show off the detail. I should have some actual samples in my hand within the week.

Smart move not to prematurely announce next sets. I think that's where Conte has gotten in trouble. He gets enthusiastic about a possible project and shares it with collectors (I know from talking with him on the phone), word gets out. Then, if something goes wrong with the project and it either gets delayed or has to be dropped altogether folks accuse him of lying or making false promises. Better, I think, to play your cards close to chest and surprise us! Christmas again!

Wayne, the Old All American

Hey Wayne! Plus, I change my mind all the time... I jump from thinking how cool Creek War figures would be to doing research on more modern conflicts that would be interesting to do up right. I figure once we start to get some real sculpts back, then I can start letting people know what I doing. Until then, take anything I say lightly. Especially if I start talking about the Ottoman Empire set again....

Col.Pickle said...

BOY, i'M EXCITED ABOUT THIS SET! I'm really hoping that its World War (one or two, but two would be more profitable). Best of luck with future plans!

Glad you're excited!! World War II would be profitable, wouldn't it... wait a second, am I supposed to be making money with this??!?!!

Hey, this is kinda fun, this back and forth. Please feel free to keep em' coming, and I'll do my best to answer. And I know I mentioned that I would have something cool up on the site, a special event, but real life got in the way, as it often does... may have to wait a couple more days before I get everything squared.

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