Sunday, May 2, 2010

New Replicants / Forage Caps

There are some new figures available from Replicants. The theme is "Trail Drive", and you can check out the new poses at Steve Weston's site. If you're into cowboys or the old west, these will be right up your alley.

We've also been working to put the finishing touches on the design of our Union Infantry. For me, headgear is a big part of making the figure come to life, and we've really gone all out for this set to give you a variety of options. If all goes to plan, we'll be offering up a Kepi, two Hardees of differing style, two different civilian hats, and the all too common but neglected forage cap as seen below. Since we'll be depicting Western Federals, it's important to give them a bit of that "personality".

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