Sunday, May 30, 2010

A New Beginning

After two days of toy soldier craziness, the 4th Annual Texas Show has come to an end. For us, this show will always be special, because it's where we debuted the prototypes for our first set. We continued that tradition this year by showing off all six prototypes of our upcoming set. I want to thank all the people that stopped by and took a look at them, and the several people that made a special trip back today to see them! It's great to get feedback like that BEFORE we send them into full production. A lot of the feedback we got today went straight to our factory agent.

We were able to sit down with our factory agent for quite awhile after the show and talk about the future. All sorts of things were discussed including factory painting, reverse colors, short run character figures, plug heads, and various other really cool concepts. All possible, and some probable.

This is a new beginning. A new set to embark upon. Each collection of soldiers we do will be special. We spend so much time with each figure, going over EVERY detail, we know them all by heart.

We did well selling our 1st set today, and got lots of compliments from those who already have them, and those just seeing them for the first time. We appreciate EVERY SINGLE BAG that gets sold, and by purchasing, you are helping us get closer and closer to being able to bring set #2 into production. Thank you for all your continued support, both by purchasing the figures, and through your feedback.

Pictures may begin showing up of our prototypes on forum boards or magazines, so keep your eyes open. We don't have them anymore, as we have already sent them back for corrections and modifications. But we think you'll like what you see.

Best wishes, and again, thank you for all your well wishes and support. There's no hobby quite like ours.

Beau Cunnyngham

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