Monday, April 12, 2010

Civil War in the News

Whatever the reason, it's nice to see historical themes make it into the news. Anytime people get to talking about history, it's a good thing. Arguing, debating, throwing slanderous terms back and forth at each other... it's what makes history so interesting. Even after almost 150 years, the Civil War still moves a person's emotions like few other instances in our country's short history.

Not that I agree with the article. A couple semesters of formal education on "The Late Unpleasantness" would do the writer a world of good...

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Anonymous said...

I live in VA and I am not exactly thrilled that folks here are still celebrating the Confederacy, but I have to say that the author of that article is really stretching things by comparing the confederacy to terrorism. The confederates fought and killed union regulars openly. Terrorist in contrast blend into the civilian population to kill innocent folks. Perhaps their ideals and motivations are similar, but ther means are substantially different. By putting forth those extreme arguments he really loses ground, whichever cause he is trying to advance.