Friday, January 22, 2010


Please forgive my lack of postings over the past couple of weeks. We're still here, and still working on various facets of selling and producing toy soldiers, but we've been fairly overwhelmed with our latest project... preparing for our first child!

Stephanie is now just three weeks away from her due date, and as you can imagine, our focus has shifted from little plastic army men to cribs, bibs, and car seats. It really is an eye opener. I'm pretty much your average guy. I know how to change a car battery. I'm comfortable with vice grips. I know the difference between pass interference and good coverage. But one thing I can't fathom is raising a kid, changing diapers, and acting as a role-model for someone who is going to end up mimicking my every move.

Also, on the business front, I ain't going to mislead you. Production of set #2 has slowed down. We have to focus on selling set #1 before going all out with set #2 production. Right now, it would be a disservice to guess when set #2 will be released, but no worries, we'll keep working on it, and let you know how things progress.

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Anonymous said...

Hang in there Beau, I raised five, and each one was a "learn as you go experience" because each kid is different. Wayne from Alabama, the "Old All American"