Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Welcome to Cunnyngham Collectibles

We've gotten a lot of emails, phone calls, and pre-orders in the past few days, probably because of our recent ad in Playset Magazine. So, let me take a moment to re-introduce ourselves with a couple of points.

1. We're here to make cool plastic toy soldiers in 1/32 scale.

2. Um... I think I pretty much covered the basics in point #1.

Our first set is on the way. It's landed on American shores, hopefully making it's way through customs right now, and will soon be heading towards our little warehouse (my side of the garage) in central Indiana. Once it's here, then they're off to you, if you've pre-ordered, and other dealers across the country.

Also, many thanks to our friend Brian from across the Ocean for sharing his paint jobs and conversions of our first set... I love the flag bearer sporting the actual flag the 44th used. Just Awesome.

Thanks Brian!!


Anonymous said...

Super job on these figures! Enhances all the detail bringing even more "life" into these figures.

Anonymous said...

These are fab figures, Painted by what must be a great artist