Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Getting Good Reviews!

The boxes we first shipped out are starting to show up on collector's doorsteps. Here's part of an email that came in today:

"Beau, imagine my surprise yesterday when I came home from work and my wife had put the box you shipped to me on my desk. It got here very quickly. I wanted to email to say thanks and commend you on creating a beautiful set. My wife and I looked at them together and agreed that the poses are strikingly different from what one normally sees. I'm looking forward to the Union set in 2010..."

-Keith in Brooklyn.


Anonymous said...


I just received my set of Confederates today. They all look great and will serve my Rebel Army just fine. My favorite poses are "Kneeling & Loading" and "Sitting & Firing". Keep up the good work and I look forward to purchasing your next set.

-Dan in Minnesota-

Beau said...


Glad to hear it! We'll working on some Federals for them to shoot at!

Take Care!