Friday, September 25, 2009

Reporting from OTSN, pt. 1

Hey All! Well, I didn't realize that internet access from the hotel was going to cost $40. And I'm pretty cheap... so, I'm writing this from the Border's down the road.

We officially debuted yesterday!! First bag ever sold by Cunnyngham Collectibles went out the door at around... well, truth be told, I don't remember. But we met several collectors who seemed impressed by what we've managed to create. Looking forward to hearing more comments and selling a few more tonight. We'll be opening up our room at around 4:30 or so.

Stopped by the TSSD room last night, and their suite is decked out in an Native American theme, complete with exotic incense to put you in the mood. The Custer playset look amazing, and the customized parts really make it unique. I'm going to try to pick one up tonight.

Mr. Barzso, as always, really went above and beyond with his playset this year. It's a Zorro, but with a twist. It actually took me a minute to figure out exactly what I was looking at. I think my initial response was "Why did someone leave a truck right there.". But then it all started to make sense. The add-on Spanish Fort is probably the best looking foam piece I've seen to date. I'm sure there will be some pictures on the Playset Magazine page, if not already.

I'll take some pictures tonight (unless I totally space it like normal) and, if we make it back over to the Borders tomorrow, I'll post them.

Rock on, and wish us luck!!

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