Wednesday, September 30, 2009

A few pictures of us from OTSN

Stephanie keeping busy while I talk up the toy soldiers. She's making baby shower invitations...
Just before room trading started.
Our display of figures, including a few bagged figures.

During the Sunday show (notice the stack of playsets just behind me!!!)
A happy customer goes home with a bag of TSSD Germans and a bag of Cunnyngham Collectibles Confederates. If he's anything like what I used to be, he'll set them up side by side and have them fight together... probably defending an Alamo made of shoe boxes against an angry horde of barzso Knights, which he also had stowed in his bag.


Anonymous said...

Congratulations both on your new business and your upcoming addition to your family! Wish I could have been at OTSN! Just retired, maybe next year... Perhaps we'll see you again in San Antonio?

Anyway, best wishes on both endeavors and thanks for sharing the pics. Wayne Wood, the Old All American

Beau said...

Hey Wayne! Yes, we'll be in San Antonio again. Wouldn't miss it! And this time we'll be totin' a baby along with us!