Saturday, August 8, 2009

Early August Updates

We are waiting anxiously for the first test shots back from the factory. These are the first figures to come directly from the molds that will be used for the entire production run. We were also sent the header card art proof, and though it's a touch "spartan", I think it will look nice. Our art and design department isn't our best asset, but then, most of you have told me that you don't need the bag at all, a sentiment I can agree with! And before you think I'm speaking poorly of the my art and design department, I should let you know that I AM the art and design department!! The joys of a small business.

Our sculptor is still hard at work on set #2. I've given him the green light to go all out of this set and make them as realistic and complex as possible. This will cost a bit more in production and molding, but the end result will be fully realized, 3d figures. This allows us more creativity with posing, crisper figures, and less of that "filler-space" that sometimes results from making a figure flat enough to fit into a simple two part mold.

Thanks for checking in on us!


Anonymous said...

Yo, Beau,

So the original test shots are on the way. That's great. But a question: As these first came from the original molds, (you know, like the Marx molds), doesn't that mean each and all figures to follow from these same molds would now be considered recasts?

Anonymous said...

Original PRODUCTION RUN...not recasts.

Beau said...

Interesting philisophical question... when does a figure become a "recast". I would assume, any figure not a part of the initial production run could be considered a recast. So, after this first order from the factory sells out (crossing my fingers here!), every additional run would be recasts. OR, maybe, in 60 years, when I'm dead, and somebody finds these old molds, reworks them, and runs the figures again... maybe that's when they are recasts... ah, who knows!