Thursday, July 23, 2009

Pre-Order for Set #1 available this Saturday

Within the next few days, we'll be initiating a Pre-Order for Set #1 (Confederate Infantry).

For your information:

  • UPDATE: A couple of people have asked me about pricing. Right now, with the numbers I have to work from, I estimate that the price will be either $16.95 or $17.95. We still don't know all of our production and shipping costs, but we think these two prices are reasonable estimates.

  • The Pre-Order does NOT bind you to purchasing. It simply lets us know that you are planning on buying from us.

  • We will ask for your Telephone number and E-mail address. You don't have to provide both, but rather your preferred means of communication. This will be how we will contact you when the figures are ready to sell.

  • We do not expect any shortages, but we are running the smallest production amount possible through the factory. We really have no idea what to expect as far as demand, so if you know you want a bag, filling out the Pre-Order is a good idea.

  • Several of you have told us that you want to purchase some bags from us. Please go ahead and fill out this form so that we have you on the "official list". My brain is nowhere as effective as a spreadsheet!

I'll say it again and again: Thank you so much for your support in this. We hope to be YOUR toy soldier company. Our goal is to continually provide you with high quality miniatures in unique and exciting poses. If there's something you want, let us know. If there's something you don't like, let us know. Where here to please you!

Also, by filling out the pre-order, you get to see a sneak peak of our short list of ideas for set #3.

The pre-order should be available this coming Saturday.

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