Monday, July 20, 2009

Ordering Information

We're working on the small details that will make us an actual working business, specifically, how to get these figures into your hands! Right now we are working on the methods of purchase we are going to offer. As of now, ordering options will be:

  • Purchasing from us directly over the phone (you get to talk to an actual person... most likely me or my wife!)

  • Purchasing from us directly over the Internet (you don't have to leave your chair, unless you're in your pajama bottoms and your wallet is in the other room.)

  • Purchasing from us directly at shows (you can rest easy knowing that your purchase will help us buy the gas to get us back home)

  • Purchasing from a dealer (reaching those people that haven't found us here yet)

As you may well know, retail reality meas thats buying from us directly will help us immensely, but at the same time, buying from a dealer helps the entire hobby, so really, it is a win-win situation for us. Your choice. The specific dealers will be announced as they agree to carry our figures, and we'll post links here on our website.

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