Monday, July 13, 2009

Here's a look at our header card for set #1, but I'm sure most of you are more interested in what's inside the bag rather than what's on the outside.

It's been fairly quiet for us here, mostly letting the factory do their magic, and waiting on seeing the first test shots arrive. We did confirm the color a couple days ago. It's going to be the exact same shade of gray that TSSD uses for their Confederates. We appreciate them letting us use their color, and I'm sure many of you will appreciate the color conformity in your Confederate ranks!

As of now, gray will be the only color that these will be done in. I am actually a huge fan of "reverse color" figures, but we'll have to wait and see what demand is before we run anymore. If demand goes through the roof, you know, like Beanie Babies in 1995, then we'll run em' in every shade of the rainbow!! Otherwise, it'll be up to you and your trusty paintbrush.


Anonymous said...

Beau, I'm just speaking for myself, but your guys are so unmistakeably rebs I don't know that I would buy them in reversed colors. I bought several bags of recast Marx rebs in reversed colors just wanting the poses but now looking at it they really don't work, even though the official uniforms were supposed to be similar. I remember when I was a kid I used to think at how skinny and small the rebs were against the yanks, as I grew up and learned about the Civil War Louix Marx was putting one of those tiny historical touches that makes his stuff popular to this day; the yanks as a rule ate better and were better equipped than the rebs so they would be "plumper."

Your rebs have that beautiful "lean, mean" look and ragged aspect that typified the "Johnnies" even though they might work as Sherman's men in the late Savannah Campaign, I think you'd be best served to keep your guys distinctive. JMO and if I saw them in blue I'd probably say what the heck and buy them anyway! 'Cain't help it! Wayne, the Old All American

Beau said...

Wayne, thanks for the thoughts. I agree, these rebs are very "rebbish", and wouldn't make the transfer well to Federal, unless you're looking for some crazily individualized late war Westerners or something. I think the real temptation will be the Federal troops we're doing. They are going to be some hardcore Yanks, and in turn, make some excellent looking Confederates as well.

Anonymous said...

I agree with wayne! Keep the Rebs in gray (or butternut) and the Yanks in blue... Unless you make some spies? Nah! Anyway, I like what you're doing with your figures and I'm excited to see what else comes from your company. Thinking about preordering soon!-Army Surplus from flickr