Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Back home again in Indiana

The trip to Texas seemed like a blur!  We're finally back home and glad to be back, though I could have walked through the Alamo one more time!

I think the trip was an astounding success.  We got to meet many, many people, talk to both of the people helping us produce and manufacture our figures, and get feedback and ideas from the guys who will actually be collecting these figures.  It really was a pleasure to meet many of you that I've only met through email and forum boards.  Your encouragement is priceless!

We heard nothing but positive feedback from everyone that checked out our figures, which was a relief.  We've invested so much time and energy into this business, it's nice to know we've created something that collectors will enjoy.

Many thanks to: 
Nick from TSSD for organizing the show, King's X for hosting us at their Friday night gathering,  Ron Barzso and his wife for their wonderful friendship and advice, Bill and Thomas for all the hard work they are doing, Ed and Mike for pointing out the best sites to see and explaining exactly how the Alamo was laid out, and Gary for the amazing gift he gave to Stephanie.

Our next step is to "OK" the small changes we're making to our prototypes, and then it's on to the mold making process!  We'll keep you informed of any updates!

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