Saturday, May 23, 2009

The Other Half of Cunnyngham Collectibles

Hi Toy Soldier World. I am Stephanie, the other half of Cunnyngham Collectibles. We are excited to be finally making this happen, and we are looking forward to embarking on this adventure together! I can't wait for the Texas show next week to experience the world of Toy Soldiers from the other side of the table. Our first set will hopefully make a good first impression, and while Beau has had the figure ideas so far, I fully plan on making my influence known on future sets (a set of war medics and nurses or antebellum ladies perhaps?!?). We are grateful for all the hospitality that has been shown to us so far, and we appreciate the warm welcome we have received in joining this business! I am looking forward to seeing familiar faces and meeting new ones next week!

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