Thursday, May 21, 2009

Figure and Pose Quantities

The first set will consist of 12 figures in 6 poses. The reason we did this was two-fold.

The first issue was cost. We wanted to be able to offer our product to you at a price that we thought most collectors would feel comfortable spending. Also in regards to price, this being our first set ever, we didn't want to go broke on manufacturing and production costs, so we kept it simple this first time through.

The second reason was a time issue. We wanted to make sure these could be released before the end of the calendar year. If we would have taken the time to design and sculpt two more figures, we may not have been able to meet that goal.

So when you open your bags there will be twelve rough and tumble Confederates in six different poses. But you know what they say, every one Confederate is worth 10 Yanks! (But don't let the boys from set #2 hear you say that!!).


ghcharlton said...

Thank you for providing some more quality
ACW figures. I look forward to their release.

J. M. Steplyk said...

Attributed to various Confederate generals-
pre-war: "We can whip those Yankees with cornstalks."
post-war: "But those sons-of-b------ wouldn't fight us with cornstalks!"