Friday, May 29, 2009

Arrived in San Antonio

We arrived at our hotel yesterday and proceeded to check out the surrounding sites.  We are staying at the Menger Hotel, right beside The Alamo.  We are heading across the street this morning to get the full tour of it.

We have already run into a few friends who are here for the show on Saturday and Sunday.  Hopefully we'll run into a few more today.

We're excited about the show and previewing our figures.  And since I'm a collector as well, I'm excited to shop around a bit myself!  Can't wait to see Ron Barzso's new Guns of the Alamo set!  And this will be the first time I've seen the TSSD Plains Indians up close.  And of course the buckets.  Bless the guys that bring the 50 cent and dollar buckets!

We'll keep you updated with pictures as things start to get rolling around here!


jac28 said...

Have fun Beau and Stephanie.. I've heard San Antonio is a wonderful place to visit - even without a toy soldier show!


Beau said...

Hey Jim, wish you could have made it.

The Guns of the Alamo set looks great! I bet, being about 50 feet away from the Alamo, Ron will sell quite a few!

Your Fort Boonesborough was getting set up in the lobby as I was leaving the ballroom. Going to be impressive!